Locked out of my Samsung Device - Galaxy A32 and Biometric not working

Hi All ,
I have been locked out of my Samsung Device - Galaxy A32 . It is giving me the message “When you use your fingerprints, you’ll need to enter your PIN every 72 hours to ensure your security”. I am putting in the correct PIN !
But it is not taking the PIN that I have and I do not know what to do. I am based in the US and the phone was purchased in India .
The customer care and the service center here in US have told me that they cannot unlock it since it is an international phone. My phone carrier is a local US based service (T Mobile) . I do not know what to do or how to resolve this.
I have managed to remain logged in to Samsung Cloud and Findmyphone but no shape or form I can access my phone’s security to unlock it. I am unable to do the basic functions too such as restart , turn off the phone , reboot , reset .
I do not wish to do a factory reset as nothing is backed up on Samsung Cloud. I cannot make any calls and even emergency calls I am unable to make.
Can someone from Samsung help me ?
I am a stranded international student and I do not know what to do. All the basic applications are locked out and I need to access my phone.

Welcome to this forum.
Hope you are doing well! Sorry to hear about your inconvenience.
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Hope you will get a fast response.