Login error for certificate manager tizen studio error 403 forbidden

Basically, I am getting an Error 403 forbidden webpage wheever I try to make a new author certificate in Tizen studio. I am on windows using my default chrome broswer which I have signed my samsung account into, and I still get the same error. I dont know why this is happening if someone could please help would appreciate it. Due to this error I am unable to sign into my Samsung account.


I am also facing this issue, however on Mac

Samsung Team feedback that needs to update the latest Tizen Studio & Extension:

Tizen Studio 5.5

Tizen TV Extension 8.0:
While installing new Tizen Studio use - TV Extension Image 8.0.0

Same, it has not been resolved despite everything being latest version in Package Manager


I talked to samsung developer support and the issue was not resolved.


@chintu21my I also spoke to Samsung support for an hour and the issue wasn’t resolved for me either. The support said it was a mac issue… confused when it was also happening on Windows

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They said they sent the reply to the dev team to look into it…it will probably be fixed in a week to a month’s time


Facing the same issue here… anyone manage to overcome this? I am already using the latest Tizen Studio 5.5 and TV Extension 8.0. Raised a support request ticket for this issue.

Have already updated to latest Tizen Studio 5.5 and TV Extension 8.0 but still facing same issue… did it work for you?

Still not bro. I am waiting for Samsung Team fix it.

Same. They seem to know it is a reoccurring issue for many people so they said they sent the issue to their team for fixing.

same, I’m also experiencing the same issue using the latest tizen studio 5.5 and the latest TV Extension 8.0 (just installed).

Same, this error (Tizen Studio 5.5 and TV Extension 8.0)

any update regarding this error?

i have tried it, now it work


It’s a known issue and the development team is working with it. Please check again if it works.


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it work now , thank you

It works!. Thank you!