Lottie animation not showing on galaxy watch 4


I used a lottie file when inserting a multimedia component on my watch face, but when I tried running it on my galaxy watch 4, the entire multimedia is not showing.

does galaxy watch 4 not support lottie animation file?

In Watch Face Studio


Did you create/download them as .json or optimized .json and amd what trigger values do you have?

I can try and download one and try it on a GW5 if it works in WFS and see.

Samsung Developer Relations

I downloaded them as .json, here’s the link to the lottie file: Santa - Merry Christmas on Lottiefiles. Free Lottie Animation

The lottie file format varies in scope depending on the platform on which it operates.
Please see : Lottie Supported Features
Unfortunately, it does not work on the device if the content contains features that were not supported by the Android platform.

ahh okay thank you for confirming, the table helps plenty!