MARsPolicyManager: Blocked by Policy:2 -- Caller is not samsung!

I found the following message in my ADBl logs :
D MARsPolicyManager: Blocked by Policy:2 – Caller is not Samsung!!

Someone of you has an idea of. what is it?

I think this is what you want

This does not appear to be a Samsung Developer question but if it is please let me know and I’ll move it to an appropriate topic

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This message is present on a adb logs of Samsung S8 and S10, with snapdragon (china version) and not present in other phones.
See the following messages in the logs:
05-30 01:10:01.355 1592 15504 D MARsPolicyManager: Blocked by Policy:2 – Caller is not samsung!!
05-30 01:10:01.355 1592 15504 D MARsPolicyManager: Package: com.nielsen.resources, userid: 0, hostingType: provider is Restricted by policy: autorun(2) caller is: ProcessRecord{7da5e2d0 11579:com.nielsen.dct/u0a207}

I don’t understand, how MARS (Management Automated Reporting System)

I moved this to the Galaxy Mobile category. Nielson is a media statistic company. When I looked this up it seems to have something to do with China specifically.

I found MARsPolicyManager mentioned on a Chinese developer sites

Maybe someone else can assist you.

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Hi Samsung Team,
We need a solution for this issue, please let us know if you require any other details.

Hi Gupta,

I don’t believe this is related to a Samsung SDK but an Android development question. You can open a support request about this. This forum is for Samsung SDK and Tools related developer discussion.

There are other forums for Android related questions, including questions where Samsung mobiles do not act the same as other mobile devices.

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HI Ron,
can you indicate us the link where to post the question?


Hi Marco, has a long thread but I can’t read any of it. It may make sense if you can view the code.

Stack Overflow had several topics regarding MARsPolicyManager and ADB you probably should look or ask there.

Hope this helps

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Hi Ron,
I think it is related to Security Policy of Samsung.
How can I disable it or how to control it?


I wish I could help but I have no idea and have no idea who to ask. It isn’t part of any Samsung SDK.

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