Tizen vs WearOS

Hello, I try do some searching, but there is really small amount of information on this topic.

#1 - Is there any information how to re-built my Tizen (and Xamarin) app to new WearOS system?
#2 - Is there any information, if all Tizen functions are available on WearOS system?

I have my own app written in Visual Studio in Tizen / Xamarin / .net. I am using GPS location, Health data, Gyroscope, backgrouding and access to Phone and SMS. At this point I need to check and confirm, that all of this function are available in Wear OS and I just need to write a new app or…?

Thank you for any reply.

Unfortunately there is no information on the developer portal on this. However it looks like Xamarin site has useful documentation.

I hope that helps.

Samsung Developer Relations