Military time / Normal time

Hey everyone! I just got finished with a new watch face, but its not letting me change from military(24h) time to normal(12h) time. I have a hard time reading military time, and it is really annoying me that is isn’t changing. Can someone help me figure out how to change it? Thanks!


In order to switch between 12H and 24H time formats, you must add 2 digital clocks. One must be hh:mm (12h) and HH:mm (24h). Then, you add a 12H/24H timeline. You switch on the 12H/24H timeline tab, right click → activate, then right click → hide (you hide the 12h clock on the 24H column, and you hide the 24h clock on the 12H column).

Good luck!

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Hi @jon1602620845,

The screenshot you have attached is used to test/simulate your design but it can’t change your clock component from 24H to 12H or vice versa. To change the time format of your clock component, set the ICU format to “h : mm a” in the Properties tab. In addition, follow the trick pnClaudiu mentioned to have a 12H <-> 24H changing feature in your design.


Thanks for your time and response! It worked!