Good afternoon, tell me where to change the time format 12H/24H??
In GWS, the format doesn’t change when you change it.
The user can change it independently?

Found how to choose 12H, but can I give the user a choice?

Hello, unfortunately at this moment I can’t help you because I’m almost to sleep, but if when I wake up no one has helped you, I send you a video on how to do it, it’s very simple.
YA Soft

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Thank you I’ll be waiting.
As I understand the operator HH will change to 12H, but how to make an automatic change based on the phone settings.

Hello, basically you need to create at least two layers one (or more) for each time format and then make them visible using the conditional line. Check this tutorial there is 12/24h example lower on the page https://developer.samsung.com/galaxy-watch-design/studio/tutorial/dev-condition.html


Thank you, I understand.