Galaxy Watch Designer - how to make an options panel?

I have a few people asking me to make the date field change from 24HR to 12HR. I want to create an options panel for them to be able to do that, or a button (over top of the clock) that they can double tap to change. How can I do that?

Do you want to change 24hr to 12hr by tap to change or something with the format of the date
Little more info please

Yes, I’d like to have it by tap, or have an options screen that they can select what they want to show.

So I have a text box with the date showing as HH:MM, so ideally when they double tap that box (or a transparent PNG on top of it setup as a button) it would change it to hh:MM.

There is a partial solution whereby both the time 12hr and 24hr times are not exactly on top of each other
but off setting each other with partial coverage, so you can do it side by side or up and down
It is on this forum

Hi @Malcolm_319,

Thanks for the tip - I’m having a hard time finding the article - do you happen to have a link for it or recall what I should be looking for in the title?

Look for 12/24 hrs digital clock