Missing Font

I’ve imported a GWS watch face into WFS using the “import GWS resource” function in WFS.

Aside from some bitmap font problems and missing items such as moved distance, I’ve had an additional issue with a font that I added to WFS and has subsequently gone missing…

This watchface uses the “Oxanium Regular” font, which needs to be added to WFS (just as I would have done with GWS). The font is installed within Windows already. I noticed that after import all the fields that were previously using this font had all been reset to Applemint - so I figured I would need to add Oxanium Regular in WFS and set each field to use this font. That sounded fine to me.

However, while this seemed to work initially, I noticed that the next time I went into WFS, the field I had set to be Oxanium Regular was being displayed as with a Times New Roman-like font, not Oxanium.

As a test, I added “Oxanium Bold” to the font list in WFS and set a field to use it and this seems to have worked OK, so I have done some further digging.

Renaming the .wfs file to be .zip, I’ve had a poke around…

  • In the res/xml folder the watchface.xml file makes reference to both Oxanium Regular and Oxanium Bold fonts as I would have expected.
  • But in the res/font folder I only have Applemint and Oxanium Bold. No sign of Oxanium Regular.

It seems to me, on this initial investigation, that somehow the Oxanium Regular font has gone missing from the res/font folder?

There is no way to remove and re-add a font within WFS, so I am effectively prevented from using this font in this watchface now - unless I start again!

Font list in res/font folder within the .wfs file
Reference to Oxanium Regular inthe watchface.xml file
Reference to Oxanium Bold in the watchface.xml file

Did you add the font to the workspace of your project? Add it there and restart computer.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Ron,

That has done the trick. Many thanks.

However, I’ve only copied the “Oxanium Regular” font into the workspace and not the “Oxanium Bold” font, and both currently work fine. The behaviour does seem somewhat inconsistent.

But I assume that the recommendation at this time is to ensure that font files are always placed in the Workspace?

Best Rgds,


I think you could probably put them in
That would work as well but It works from Workspace that is easier to find and is for sure stable. Who knows where Microsoft will want to put new programs in the future.

Samsung Developer Relations