Monitor RAM usage on watch face

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Is anyone aware of any way to monitor RAM usage for watch faces to comply with the new guideines?

I have android studio, so im wondering if that can be used?

Im quite the newb to this stuff but im monitoring the emulated watch face with the profiler, im looking at memory but its split into “Java, Native, Stack, Code, Others”. Totalling over 50MB for all. Im imagining its not the total memory as this is 5x the new restriction (the watch face isnt that complex)

Anyone know anything more to help with this? Or know how to read this information appropriately?

Much appreciated,

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Apparently you can see this in your app settings for Pixel watches. I don’t know if this is going to be in an update to Wear OS for Galaxy watches expected this summer.

The Guides say Assets size limits which in a designers mind is the images and fonts sizes. We are trying to get clarification, I hope to have more information later this week about this.

Samsung Developer Relations

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Cheers for the info Ron, thats a shame about not being able to see it easily at the mo on galaxy watches. Maybe theres a way to emulate one of these pixel ones and track it during the emulation.

Appreciate knowing that its being looked into though, as with others when I searched the forum, I got really confused under the guidelines it sounds like assets, but on emails it sounds like RAM memory.


Waiting anxiously for that.