Notice of new version 1.5.7 (Aug 17th, 2023) and memory limit change

Hi all

We have released new version 1.5.7 of Watch Face Studio. We hope you enjoy new features and improvement.

From Watch Face Stuio 1.4.13(Beta), new Watch Face Format was applied. We expect new version with Watch Face Format makes you more free from updating the tool and rebuilding watch face because of Wear OS issues. However, these new platform inevitably require policies for device maintenance and performance, and these have caused inconvenience to you, but we have continued to improve with Google.

About memory usage issue, we have been improving it and Google has already changed the requirement about a part of it and the new limit is already being enforced. (not ‘upcoming’). You can find more Wear OS Quality requirement

  • Memory Usage - Watch Face Format WO-P8 “Assets do not exceed the memory budget of 10 MB in ambient mode, and 100 MB in interactive mode.”

If you have any strange or unexpected experience, please let me share it. Thank you very much for waiting with patience even though there are a lot of inconveniences.



Does that mean we’re a little more free from memory budget issues?


Hi @catherina00

Thank you very much for your work and your efforts!

A question:

is there a way to check size in MB in Ambient Mode and Interactive mode on WFS?

Thank you!!!



I’m hoping that this doesn’t limit creativity freedom for the AOD part of watchfaces…

Because if this forces developers to make AOD developers to make an AOD with only the time and nothing else, it’s going to be a problem for many.


The watch Face team is working with Play Store to see if this AOD can be increased. The purpose of an AoD is for functionality so it may take more time to create a well designed AOD but I think it can be done.

However I agree we do need a simple way to test this.

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Thank you very much Catherina, Ron and the rest in SDP for this update. Hope it runs well.

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Hi @catherina00 Thanks for the update. I noticed that there is an increase in the file size for watch faces that were built in 1.5.7. Please refer to the image below. They are the same .wfs file with no changes, the lower section is from 1.3.13. I hope this can be fixed since we will be moving forward with 480x 480 resolution and file size is expected to increase more.

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Has anyone confirmed the memory issue has been resolved?

Memory issue not resolved.

We have to wait until August 31st to send an update and see if the memory issue has been resolved. Currently the “old” policy that limits memory to 10MB in both Ambient Mode and Interactive Mode is in effect.

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As I understand it, Wear OS API 33 watch face apps require a bigger framework but your .aab file seems a bit more than many. Are you optimizing your .png files That makes a big difference but still 4MB seems to be about as small as you can get them.

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First: thanks a lot for your work. You’re making something awesome and allowing many people to express their creativity without having to code anything. And as i said before, despite I’m an Android developer, I highly prefer WFS over native development, like a thousand times.

With that being said, the update and the new rules sound promising, but I’ll wait a couple weeks to proceed, to avoid repeating my sad experienve with v1.4.x.

Quick question: does the step goal sync with the user preference on this version? Or it still requires WearOS 4 to work properly? I’ve a lot of users asking for a non-fixed step goal (it wasn’t that important for me, but seems like I’m wrong :slight_smile: )
Thanks again and keep up the good work Ron, Catherina and team WFS :muscle:

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My understanding is it will sync with the user set goal in Wear 4 (API 33) but not in Wear 3 (API 30) it is set to a default 6,000 unless the designer sets it differently.

I believe Samsung Galaxy 4 and 5 are to be updated to Wear4 this year.

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I made a design via 1.5.7
The abb file size was 30 MB.

I removed animations, backgrounds, dials, colors, bitmap fonts, and customizations. The final file size was reduced to 27 MB. You can see the details in my screenshot.

At this point, it is impossible to get a file under 10 MB with 1.5.7

I’m designing a watch face for 1 month. I designed market images, and animations but I can not submit it. Please suggestion.

Hello. This week I re-enacted my SG-20N with version 1.5.7 and my AAB has a size of only 4.8 MB


I don’t know if removing things cleans the project file, with Pixel you can see the actual file size and maybe in the emulator.

Try just adding things to a clean project and use png optimizers to keep your images small as possible. You should have it below 10 Mb.

But the newer larger limits started today. So just concentrate on the AOD mode with no complications in the AOD mode.

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I am not sure if it helps, but I would check the source data of the watch face. I am finding it (Windows user) under C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Roaming.WatchFaceStudio (the particular watch face needs to be opened in the Watch Face Studio at this moment and you need to see the hidden files in explorer)



Just an update:

I tried to send a watch face to Google, hoping for the new policy, but it was rejected again due to “memory budget”.

4MB .AAB file.

I think it would be good to get a function or something similar to see how much memory the watch face is using in ambient and interactive mode.

In this way we avoid going by trial and error, without knowing if the app will be accepted.


Hi Ron
I still have connectivity problem> I already uninstalled my updated version and re-installed a fresh on but always the same problem.
is there any link explaining the new connectivity method.