Monitoring Connection Type Changes

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to listen to network type changes or internet state changes but whatever I do it’s simple not working.

I was following this documentation for implementation Monitoring Connection Type Changes

I checked permission it’s there, I was switching on and off Bluetooth while being connected to WiFi, also tried turning on and off WiFi, turning on and off airplane mode, but callback simple does not trigger.

I’m developing for watch SM-R830

Hi Jovan,
Did you check this on real device?
It will not work on Emulator.
Please check the privileges and features in your manifest whether you added properly or not.
You can check this link for wifi state change details information-

I was using real device. Unfortunately I’m not interested in Wifi manager since I want to have info when connection type gets changed. I checked permissions and I have network.get permission.

Hi Jovan,
As I did not try this link you have shared, so this is quite tough to find out the problem. But you can go through the tizen developer site link regarding connection type and check if you have missed anything which is important to get the change.
Here is the link- Connection Management | Tizen Docs