Watches losing WiFi connection

I’m running a large number of watches in standalone mode (no phone paired) that are connected to the WiFi network. A service on those devices is constantly running and sending a request to a server every 10 minutes via curl.

I have always a number of devices (maybe 20%) that are at some point in time starting to lose the connection to the WiFi. There are always two options to get those devices back online:

Option A: Physically move the device, for example by removing it from the charger. That often triggers a WiFi reconnect.
Option B: If option A does not help a reboot always resolves the problem. After rebooting, they reconnect to the WiFi just fine.

My question is: Can the effect of option A and option B be triggered programmatically? Is there a way to somehow force the device to reconnect to the WiFi?

And also where in LOG_DUMP would be the place to find out what the reason for this unexpected WiFi disconnect behavior is?

This may be a Modem issue, my old modem would punt the last used device off when I exceed some limit. Devices that went to sleep needed to reconnect. Just a thought.

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