Connection issues over bt and vs code

Hey there,

I’m developing an app in Visual Studio that uses NFC so I want to debug over my Galaxy Watch 4 to test the NFC-related stuff. That’s where my problem arises, I need to connect to my watch.

Connecting over WiFi does not seem to be an option since I’m currently in a hotel. If there is a more local approach that isn’t relying on the brittle hotel wifi, let me know!

Therefore I tried to connect via bt over my phone as explained in the docs.
I enabled debugging modes on my watch and phone + installed sdboverbt on my android phone.
In VS Code I can already select my phone to run on but if I do so it fails with: “Value cannot be null. Parameter name: input”.

When using GWS I can choose Run On Device, select m phone, sdboverbt pops up, I select my watch, a prompt comes up on my watch asking me if I want to connect to my phone and I accept this prompt twice (It comes up again after accepting it once). - On the sdboverbt is says Socekt: disable, Bluetooth: enable, SDP port: 7135, GDB port: 0 but in GWS it does not complete the “Connected Watch” window and simply nothing happens. I can click on my phone in the shown list again and the whole prompt thing reappears on my watch and that’s it.

I have both an author and distribute certificate.

My questions from now on are:

  1. How can I display the designed watch face on my watch with GWS and
  2. If that works, how can I debug my application developed in VS Code on my watch?

(The first question is more of an intermediate step but not really of interest, as long as I can debug my app I’m happy)

Thanks a lot in advance!


I expect you meant Galaxy Watch3 as Galaxy Watch4 was just announced and is not available until Aug 27, 2021… Additionally it is Android based OS and you can’t build it with Tizen tools or Galaxy Watch Studio.

Galaxy Watch 3 and Galaxy Watch Active2 both Tizen 5.5 will not connect with SDBoverBT you just can’t do that. The phone will connect but SDB will not connect to the watch.

You have to use WiFi connection if you are in a hotel, simply use your mobile as a hot spot for both computer and Watch. (unless it connects to the internet for some other reason there is no data used).

Samsung Developer Relations