Monospaced fonts' position different on the watch than they are in WFS

I prefer using monospaced fonts for a cleaner look and noticed that they appear slightly lower / higher than in WFS, depends on the fonts I’ve been using. I know I can adjust them, but it makes it a pain in the bum adjusting for screenshots in WFS and of course, it’s a really annoying fiddling game until you get it right. Does anyone else have the same problem? Can we report it as a bug?

Could you please explain more or share any file to check the issue?

You can report it if you are sure about the bug :blush:

I used to fight with this on GWD. I dont have wear OS watch yet, so I cant compare WFS handling of the fonts. I guess neither of the programs will ever be true WYSISWYG editor.

Not sure if it’s really a bug or it’s related to the fonts because for some I have to move it lower, for others, higher.

Here are some examples:

JMH Typewriter Mono Bold - On the watch the font seems to be 4px lower (at 24pt font size) than it appears in WFS. I created an image with the text and overlayed the text in WFS. They overlap when I load it to the watch but in WFS you see the text has to be 4px lower.
Monospaced font different in WFS than on watch

Digital-7 (mono) - At font size 80pt (time) this font has to be 9px higher in WFS for it to appear in the centre of the watch. At font size 40pt (date) and 24pt (day) I have to move it about 4px higher in WFS, then it will be centre on the watch.

Monospaced font different in WFS than on watch - Digital-7 mono

The best advice I received was to set the text field boudaries as tight as possible around the intended text string. It used to help minimalize the described shift.

I made it tight around and the result is the same unfortunately.

Hello @stismo
According to our investigation, some fonts are displayed in different position of Mac and Windows.

In this case, the result on Windows would be different from the device. Could you let us know what your environment is like? For reference, we know that converting the font using the following link can eliminate the difference from the development environment.

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I am using Windows 10. Thanks for the tip, I’ll try to convert and see how they look.

I tried it quickly and it seems to be a good solution, thanks. I just needed to convert the WOFF files back to TTF.