WFS 1.1.9 Issue - vertical font alignment

The last update changed the way fonts are displayed in WFS, which means that the result we see on the watch is different from the one we see in WFS. I think this needs an urgent fix because it’s not possible to design when seeing different results on watch.

This worked correctly on version 1.0.12, so we may need to undo some font changes.

1. WFS Preview:


2. On watch:


WFS Project file: (580.5 KB)

I did some tests, even loading previous projects, but I didn’t find this issue.

Tested on GW4, latest version.

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Hi Matteo, can you also try attached project ?

I noticed that it depends on the Fonts used.

With some fonts the alignment is correct.
With other fonts it should be slightly aligned.

A bit like it happened on GWD …

I think the problem is that WFS preview & UI is showing font based on some “not known” logic

While watch is taking into consideration full font height (from descent to ascent)

So it would be best if the preview (element) aligns the font to the total height - from the beginning of the descent to the end of the ascent - in other words the font would be aligned to the middle point of the sum of the abs(ascent height) and abs(descent height)

Example of glyph proportions:

Font will be aligned to the (950 + 220)/2 height vertically.

Its really hard to work with the .ttf fonts on the latest 1.1.9 update as the result generated is always different as on wfs preview…

Is it possible to implement something like this or at least revert it to 1.0.12 ?
@sinjae @phdzor @r.liechty_SDP

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Font - WatchSamsungSansNum-4L - same properties - notice difference in aligning same font between two WFS versions

v. 1.0.12

latest version 1.1.9

I have the same problem
first image is on WFS
second image on the watch


Some fonts behave differently when it comes to spacing. I suggest convert them into bitmap font. It’s laborious but I tell you it pays off in the end. I only use ttf fonts just default font to backup when the bitmap fails to load which rarely happens.

Hi. Just imagine that you’re creating watch face with 2 to 3 custom complications. These are multi-language on default. Means text like steps is shown based on phone language. Now .ttf fonts are crucial. You don’t want to convert most of the font characters to bitmaps & upload images one by one.


Yes that’s the big advantage of using ttf. I guess it depends upon the journey of the developer if he/she is successful in doing multi language he should go for it. Both sides have advantages and disadvantages. I decided to stick with EN since I have several reasons behind. I only create separate watch face in a specific language based on the number of requests.

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Since day 1 of GWD even it has never been WYSIWYG, which is why there has always been a need to test on the watch and adjust as necessary. It’s not perfect still, but still a great tool :slight_smile:

There is a technical support issue on this and it has been sent to the WFS Studio Team.

Samsung Developer Relations


Problem is that it was much better on 1.0.12 than it is on 1.1.9. I think it has something to do with the new curved font mechanics.

Great news ! Thanks for keeping us informed :slight_smile: Hopefully they will be able to fix this soon.
I also created a support request with all the information I was able to gather.

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