More than just UI apps

Hi everyone I hope :pray:t3: u all having a wonderful day​:date:.
I want to suggest that letting developers make themes not just for the system icons :pensive: because that’s not really cool​:sunglasses: seeing some with amazing theme and the others not, so my suggestion is letting the developers do themes for all apps as long as they can make themes for them…:heart_eyes::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
It’s really simple thing for a great exchange
Ofcourse the price will be $3 and less.
I made that suggestion because I already like Samsung one ui🤩 and I don’t want to use another launcher like nova…etc
Thank you for giving me your time, have a nice day

I do not think that will happen, 3rd party app developers would not want theme designers changing their app icons, that would be erasing their brands. Plus there are too many apps!

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I know but I already like Samsung one ui and I don’t like any other apps the only thing I’m disappointed with is the themes