Movie list app copyright (TMDB api)

I have a movies/series list app that uses the TMDB api. I tried to submit it, but it was rejected due to copyright infingement.

I attribute the content to TMDB, as they ask in their Terms of Use (API Terms of Use — The Movie Database (TMDB)). I also attribute the data to them on the store app description.

After researching on TMDB forum for similar issues, I found that other developers had the same problem on other app platforms, and that some of them could solve it by removing/pixalating the movies/series posters from the store screenshots. Would that be enough here? What else could I do?

Juliana Miranda

You should ask this on the Seller Portal 1:1 Enquiry They can help you on that.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks, Ron
I will do that.

Didn’t work. I received a generic automated email. :confused:

I tried chaging the screenshots to use public domain movies, and I sent the link to TMDB api terms of use. The submition was rejected again.

There is nothing I can do about the application itself, because it can not function without the TMDB api… And I believe I am complying with their terms of use.

When it comes to any entertainment app they are very strict. I hope you can get it listed in Play Store.

Samsung Developer Relations

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