Novice: Storing multiple designs

I have more than one design that I would like to toggle between on my watch, but I can only run one design at a time on my watch. Is this unavoidable, or can I store more than one design on my watch at a time?

Hi @sea1598500080,
Yes, of course you can store more than one watch face in your watch and then choose whichever you want to run on it. If you don’t like the current one then choose another one you have stored in your watch.

However, I infer you are using the same GWS/GWD project for your different designs. In this case, your design gets replaced every-time you push the project into your watch. Please, create a new project for your new design and then deploy it into the watch.


When you save the project and continue work on it with GWD/GWD and then save it as new one under different name, it still remembers the last settings. So when you build the new project for being uploaded to watch, do not forget to change the package name. Otherwise it will overwrite the one you already have on watch with same package name. Package

Glade i came across this topic, thank you for the answer i can totally use this info =)