[Native c Wearable] Is it possible to show emojis in a genlist?


This question is about genlists for native C wearable apps.

I’m trying to show emojis (encoded in a string) in a genlist.

For instance, I have a string looking something like this: "Hello Tizen World :slight_smile: ".
I give this string to item_class->func.text_get .
However, this isn’t shown as an emoji but rather as the actual binary data.

After reading the Tizen Docs ( Genlist | Tizen Docs ) and trying to figure it out myself, I wonder if this is even possible.

Did anyone try something similar?

Hello Keaselstein,
Welcome to the community!
Would you please try using custom font and check whether it supports emoji or not?
According to this post, custom font supports emojis in Tizen Web, and eventually it should work in Tizen Native platform.

Thank you.