Need Help - Your recent app updates have been published

Dear All,
I have submitted my first watch face for review on 25 August, today on 30 August got this message

“Your recent app updates have been published -
Users should see these changes immediately, but this can occasionally take longer”

Can you please advise what are the next steps to follow. Thanks in advance.

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Congratulations I see you have been doing a lot of studying. What is the name of your watch face, I’d enjoy seeing it.

From what I’ve read it takes a bit longer for the Watch Faces to propagate out than the Android apps. You can check for it in the Play Store Desktop or from the Play Store app on your watch that might be the fastest way for it to appear.

Samsung Developer Relations


Hi @r.liechty_SDP , Thank you for your reply.
My watch face name is Watch Face A1.
I have not done any production or roll out yet. Because don’t understand what is the next steps to follow after got this messages. Below is the screen shot. Please advise.

I also want to change the watch face icon before it is visible to user and want to keep the same icon images as actual watch face.

Update: Able to change app icon at last after many studies from store presence > main store listings.

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I have never tried to upload a Watch Face to play store so I’m not in on the inner workings. I’m thinking of doing this, it is always on my to do list.

Let me know when it is published.


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Hi Ron, @r.liechty_SDP Just got the first watch face approval. Thank you so much for your advise, comments in this platform. I am trying to read all of your previous post to get solution when stuck. Please find below link of my first watch face. Hope you like it.

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