Question for finding updated watch face in play store

Actually I uploaded some of my watch faces on play store.
But, still can’t find out when I search through mobile store version,
(I set personalization, watch face in tags.)

is this because google’s search algorythm?
or should I wait more over one month?

eventhough I uploaded over 10 of them.
can’t see any of them.

Thank you in advance your feedbacks.

If you dont make companion app, your watchface not visible on Google Play Store app ( phone version). It only visible on Google Play store web version and google play store watch version. Try search your watchface via chrome browser

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What is the name of your watch face I’ll search for it. They usually take longer to propagate for Watches.

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Agree. After I made a companion phone app for every watch face I made, I was able to search my watch faces on Google Play Store app. There is a thread about how to make a simple companion app on this Watch Face Studio forum section.

One of my watch face name is Cropped Time (aab file name is com.watchfacestudio.cropcroptimes)
please check if this one could be found.

Could you let me know some of topics for this? actually have no idea what the companion app is…is it kind of android mobile app?

I see it in the Google Play Store in the US it probably has propagated out to all countries now.

actually have no idea what the companion app is…is it kind of android mobile app?

Actually Rev is not creating a companion app that is a mobile app that works with a wear app to complete the functionality. What he is creating is a bundled app that is an app with the same name as the watch. But watch sellers are calling them a companion app :slight_smile:

All the mobile app does when opened is tell the user how to download the watch face. It is said that this allows buyers to download the watch face before it has propagated to the store listings.

This thread is long but seems to have a lot of useful information

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