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Hi. I reproduced this beautiful watch for personal use. We made hours and minutes in digital format in Galaxy Watch Designer. So far everything is perfect, but being a mechanical watch, the people of A. Lange & Sohne have found the solution of some discs for display. I would love to be able to do the same thing for added realism. The disk that displays the hours is not a problem, but the minutes should be made of two disks: one with numbers from 0-5 for tens of minutes and one with numbers from 0-9 for minutes. Can you help me with a tip how could I do this? I have to sau that I don’t know anything about coding. I work as a graphic designer, so drawing it was not a problem and therefore I am looking for a solution to my problem in GWD.


create two vertical images of your numbers one 0-5 and one 0 - 9
Then use a tag to change the Y placement up or down based on the mins tag
10 * ([m] / 10) for tens
12 * ([m] % 10) for mins
You’ll have to play with spacing and such but it will work.

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Thanks for your prompt answer. I will try and I’ll keep you posted.

have a good day/night :slight_smile:

I’m back. It work, but… the tens it should stay in place for the hole 10 mins and than jump to the next…

I thought it did for me but it is hard to test. You may have to use greater than equal to >= and less than < to get it to stay if it rounds off the division.

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you lost me :frowning: :slight_smile:

Try to put expression like (([m]%10)-[m])*32/10 into Y coordinate of the tenths strip and expression like 0-([m]%10)*32 for minutes strip. Replace 32 with pixel distance between two numbers in the strip. To better observe if it works you can replace [m] with [s]. so it will tick in preview each second.
Btw. if you used digital clock component with ICU format mm over a background with empty split window field, and used monospaced font, nobody could tell the difference.


Hi, it’s me again :slight_smile:

Are you so kind to help me again? I want to revolve the hour hand from 1 to 12, 2 times, but only for a 162 degree angle.

It’s there a possibility to do that?



it is possible, just clarify how should it move. jump each hour or move smooth. where should it point at 6:00? At the number or at the line in between?

I was thinking of moving smoothly and the hand should show the number. Thanks.

It should poin at 00 and 12 to 12, at 1 and 13 to 1, and so on…

and what should it do between 00 and 1, and between 12 and 13?

It should stay on 12

It took a while to find the center of rotation and the right angle to start with (I think center of rotation is around 180,153 and one hour section is 15°). Then I could make it work with hand image, that is rotated using expression like

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Thanks a lot for your response, but unfortunately doesn’t work. at 00 and 12 hand is still pointed at 1 o’clock. if you want, i can send you the .gwd file with everything in place. while I draw this in illustrator, i found that the distance between numbers is 14.8 degree angle. like I said, if you want, give me an e-mail adress an i’ll send you the gwd file. Thanks.

sorry, my mistake. it work very well. typed “,” instead “<”. but if you like the watch i still can send it to you.

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Thanks, I had my fun playing with it, but this kind of gimmick watches is not to my taste. I prefer more traditional setup, be it digital or analog. Dont like to learn new ways of reading time after almost 40 years of using the common two.

just a short question. if it was to be a jumping hour should I get out of the expression [m]?

Thanks again and stay safe

I guess you already tried that. Remove whole portion related to minutes from both conditions “+[m]*15/60”…