Galaxy Watch Studio timeline

hi there
trying to add to my face design png images to the clock part of it, but can’t figure it out how to get to the minutes or seconds in the timeline panel. got the hours part but to me looks like there is not minutes or seconds on it. I am wrong?
thanks in advance.

Hi @hidroela ,
See the below screenshot,
Screenshot (25)

On the bottom right corner of GWS UI, there is a scaling option which I have highlighted in the above image. Just slide the scale to the right or keep it in the middle to get seconds or minutes.

Hope this will help.


that was ease I need to pay more attention next time, i wish there was a help file that explanation of the functionality of the program.
have a nice day and thanks.

Hi there is a tutorial section in the official website of GWS. You would find almost everything there.
Hope this would help.