Need tags for HR, kcal and distance km

I need tags for HR max-min, calories and distance km?
I cant find them in Watch Face Studio and yes I did a Google search to but couldnt find.

look here…

See @Boshra answer in this topic

But to be totally correct you need to know the person’s height to know the stride. Short person will not travel as far in 10 steps and a tall person would.

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And how do I create One Tap to open apps?

You can do this using Action properties. Steps to create action:

  1. Add a component
  2. Go to the “ACTION” section from the component properties
  3. Select the “Apply Action” option under ACTION properties
  4. Set the ACTION properties such as Interaction as “Tap”, Action as “Open App” etc.

Please share if you face issues to follow the steps.

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Really appreciate your help Bashra, thank you!
If you can help me how to create these two things as well, I would be very grateful.
I have tried to create them but have not succeeded.

Lager 2
Lager 3

You can achieve a similar design by using two-line complications and setting the provider for the first one as the world clock and the 2nd one as the next event. You just need to change the text font.

But you will not get the same output. To get the same output you need to design the world icon as the world clock doesn’t provide the icon and the divider slash.

For the next event complication, it almost will be the same as your image.

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