Tags for Distance Travelled and Calories Burned

Are there tags for Distance travelled, Calories Burned and Walking/running speed.
These tags were readily available in Galaxy watch designer (for Tizen) but I am not able to find them on Watch face studio for Wear OS

Unfortunately watch face studio was made more universal to support different “watch makers”.
So it is not able to take data from s-health app, like GWD/GWS used to. Question is, why it does not support the “wear OS native” health services instead.

Because WearOS was not originally designed with personalizing in mind. The User Experience was to be that users would easily open an app from the Home face like a Chrome Browser.

Samsung Developer Relations

I am not talking about original wearOS, I am talking about this actual new one that offers these services.
As I understand it, even the watch faces are considered apps, not only a themes for one universal app.
Why would we need app, to run/open another app which then uses these services, if the first one should do it directly? Should these services run in background waste resources and provide no data until somebody opens 4th party app from 3rd party app?

calories would be nice, calories could be easy get with shared S-Health information from the watch

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I made a excel file with a lot of different steps count and colaries burned and calculate then averga to 0.48
a formula for a tag:
(([SC]*0.048)%1>0.5?([SC]*0.048)+1-([SC]*0.048)%1:([SC]*0.048)-([SC]*0.048)%1) kcal

(numberFormat("###", ([SC]*0.048))) kcal

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That’s an awesome mathematical formula.

I’m trying something impossible, to calculate steps taken into distance traveled. Have you tried? Like taking 1 step x 1 meter. I know some Dev’s have successfully planted distance on their Apps.

I use these formulas

(numberFormat("#.#", ([SC]*0.0004735))) miles
(numberFormat("#.#", ([SC]*0.000762))) km
(numberFormat("###", ([SC]*0.048))) kcal

** 12/24H AUTO **
([IS_24H] <1? [AMPM] :“24H”)


Awesome! Thank you very much GJL

Are you using this and not [SC_PER] only because you want precision to the decimal number ?