"Tag" for Watch Face Studio to display kilometers and calories?

Is there a “Tag” for Watch Face Studio to display kilometers and calories? It is on different watch faces, but there is no “Tag” in Watch Face Studio. The page does not have Tag expressions | Samsung Developers
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There is no tag for calories at one time Samsung Health had deprecated it because they only showed Active calories but I think the new Health has both calories during activity and basal calories. I can add that tag for a feature request.

If you search the forum there is a formula to change step count to miles and Kilometers. It is not as accurate as Samsung Health that knows your height but is pretty good. I don’t know if Health Services has step distance as a data point.

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Thank you. Do you mean that the Tag will be added to the new version of the program? If I understand correctly, then good.

Through the search, I searched for kilometers, miles, calories, no results. Only when creating a topic, several topics with the words “calories” and “tag” were shown on the side for keywords.
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I don’t know English well, I use a translator. The meaning may be lost in translation.

I figured out the search, I wasn’t looking there, I need it on the page at the top right.

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a search in the forum would have shown you the topic.

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For Distance probably not because I only see a data type for active distance daily That was the issue with calories Health only kept track of calories burned during activity. It was a bad user experience when the Tizen Watches had Calories for a Tag.

But since they are in Health Services it may be possible to add tags for them. I can ask.

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SGWatchDesign, r.liechty_SDP thanks.

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I found the formula for km in this thread:

Calories per link, given above give SGWatchDesign.

use these tags/formula…they work.

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I for myself brought this figure “0.0412” for calories. Yesterday there were 175 calories inside the watch. According to the formula “0.035” on the dial showed less than inside the watch, where there is information about the steps. Then I tried “0.048”, showed more. I experimented and came out “0.0412”.

Kilometers with “0.762” are the same as hours. Later, somehow it will be necessary to compare by GPS, it will be correct for my walking.

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(numberFormat(“####”,([SC]*0.04347823)+([HOUR_0_23]601.1808) +([MIN]*1.1808)))

I use that to work out calories burnt (basal + steps). The constant of 1.1808 is derived from the Benedict formula which calculates your daily calorie needs just to stay alive based on your weight, height, and age. Once you have the number of calories you burn from the Benedict formula divide that by the number of minutes in 24 hours, e.g., 1,440. You therefore burn that amount of calories per minute just to keep the body functioning. The other 0.4347823 constant is derived from the calories you burn for each step. You van get this from details on your watch e.g., active calories from steps/steps.

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