Network Request using NetworkSpecifier causes loop in Android Q

Whenever we try to use a network via NetworkRequest.Builder that uses a NetworkSpecifier, we get a loop after the connection request is accepted.

Android SDK version : 29

Device Details:
Phone : Galaxy S9
Model Number : SM-G960U1
Android Version : 10

Steps to reproduce : (Please refer “Network_Loop_Samsung_S9” video in shared drive link)

  1. Launch Demo app.
  2. Click on Change network button.
  3. Tap on the network name when displayed.
  4. Network request pop up dismisses and then pops up again listing the same requested network.

How frequently does this issue occur? (100%)

Expected output
What is the expected output?
Network request pop-up should not cause loop, and requested network should be connected once user selects it.

Current output
What is the current output?
Network request pop-up causes loop, and requested network is not connecting once user selects it.

Please note this was open network, hence no password was required.

Please find video from the below path,

Please find the sample code from the below path,