Samsung Android 10 P2P/WiFi direct always error

I have an application that has two parts. The first part, broadcast service using the P2P or WiFi direct service framework. In the second part, discover peers to connect with the service broadcaster. Things were working fine unless I updated OS to Android 10 on Samsung M20 and Note 9. Before the update, all the broadcast and discovery were okay, even now it is working fine for other vendors Android 10 or Samsung’s other versions OS except Android 10.

I am Using below APIs
To broadcast service: addServiceRequest

To discover peers: discoverPeers

Both the API asynchronously returning Error code 0.

Took log dump upon enabling Wi-Fi verbose logging in Developer Option.
Model: Samsung-M20
Log dump

I once had this issue but it has been resolved… i saw the solution here first the city celeb song

Thanks for the helpful info. I once had this issue but it has been resolved…
Dalibor Sertrurier Schweizer

I’ll look into this more and see if someone can explain it to me so I can assure you that your content is safe.

Mukesh Shukla