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when you create a new watch face on Google Play we have now the option “health” on the Dashboard. Which checkbox do you select here?

Matze :thinking:

I didn’t check any.

I thought about it seeing as though heart rate and step should qualify as some health features. However, after reading about it on Google Play, those elements are not truly health diagnostic features in my opinion. Anyway, face passed so…so far so good I guess? Maybe I’ll hear about it later though. :sweat_smile:


Yesterday I uploaded watch face and Ive checked first option mentioned by @MergeLabs it passed too :slight_smile: I think that reading Google Play information we shouldent check that one, but I got 1 warning during sending to review… so I did it :slight_smile:

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If you now try to update an app you also get the hint to fill in the health information.

In this context I get the following information as a hint:

(translated from German language)
Your app uses the permission “android.permission.BODY_SENSORS” and must fulfill the requirements of the health app policy. If your app has no health features, remove this permission from your app’s manifest.

Since WFS uses the “android.permission.BODY_SENSORS” permission, we probably need to enable the “Fitness” checkbox on the form.

I’m asking because I don’t want to try it out only to find out later that I can no longer undo things.

Mmhhh :thinking:

I have selected the “Activity and fitness” box. I believe this category can incorporate all the features offered by a watch face.


I have sent 2 watch faces for approval. 1 out of them which has heart rate tag expression . Says this above health declaration is needed. But the strange thing is i cannot select any box. This is only on this watch face.

The other watch face which does not have heart rate shown i was able to set it to any option. i selected fitness and send that for review. Any one faced this issue. Watch faces both are made in WFS 1.6.9

Has the above issue been resolved?
It’s because I think it’s the same issue.
Is it because there’s a heart rate tag expression?

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Hi this issue didnt resolve . I have emailed 2nd time them but no response from them not even a reply . im thinking of trying to get hold ofnthem when possible via chat.

Strange thing is i published 3 more watchfaces and I could easily select fitness option in health declaration on them. They even have heart rate
tag expression. There was no issue on them

Im still waiting for their reply :stuck_out_tongue:
then when final date comes if issue still
not resolved i may remove this HR tag from this watchface.

Thank you for your reply
I also uploaded a watchface.
I couldn’t choose the health option, but it’s under review. Can’t it be approved for review? ^^;
As you said, I checked the existing watch face, it says that the health declaration of the app content is necessary…
If the approval is rejected, do I have to remove the HR function?
It’s very uncomfortable

Thats what im thinking about the watchface in which i couldnt select healt declaration option.

Have a look at this screenshot. I uploaded 2x watchfaces for approval but i was able to select health declaration option in this 1 without any issues
and it has exactly same way HR added snd displayed there is no difference.

This is really beyond my understanding also i uploaded 4 x updates of older watchfaces and they also have heart rate [HR] expression but i was able to select health declaration in all of them without any issue. Why there was issue in this 1.

Only thing different i did was to complete Health declaration at start instead of end aftet completing all requirnents before sending for approval.

I would recommend that you also contact play console Help and mention this issue so more the xomplaints. the earlier it may resolve.

I will try again on Monday during working hours to catch them via live chat . i havent been able to for last 2 times i had to send email and still there is no response which is really poor response.

Google takes just hours to reject on stupid reasons. And on their own non sense issues they stay silent and dont even bother to response on time