New Play Store requirement

Hello everyone, I don’t understand what to do now after I receive an email telling me to fix my Faces with this new Play Store requirement (deletion of accounts). Since our Faces do not register user accounts, how do we apply this new rule within our apps.
Every time a new rule, and new changes… if this continues we will spend more time updating our apps than creating new ones.

Thanks for collaboration

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Love their passive aggressive approach to it too. Fix it or be deleted! (with a smily face of course) I got my warnings for not filling out the app content “advertising ID” part. My question is if it’s so important, why isn’t it in the publishing overview as something required to do? Or, why is it not rejected until you make the declaration? SO many little things that can easily be overlooked.

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I don’t get it too. On there description they write:

All developers must complete new Data deletion questions in the Data safety form on the App content page (Policy > App content) in Play Console.

But there is no form. :man_facepalming:


You can find those forms in the “Actioned” tab. Which means, you have already done what they are asking for. For me the strange part is, I have already received an email yesterday. So, I went in console and fixed everything. 20 hours later I received messages for each one of my apps. Telling me the same thing. Now I am checking them again and everything is already in actioned tab… I wonder if there is problem with skynet bots…