Data safety

Google just released an email about the Data safety form…

I am really confused about it, because I have a couple of watch faces and apps…

About the watch faces, there is a couple of watch faces of mine (created using the wfs) that got a notice saying that I didnt filled the data safety section of them, but when I go to the forms completed, there it is, the data safety form that I filled saying that no data is collected…

Anyone else in this situation?

I know that here is about the wfs and related, but enjoying the oportunity, does anyone else have clear instructions on what exactly we should do? Im a single developer, I have no other forum where I can go ask about it (:cry:) and google make this confusing

Anyway, thanks!

One extra question… Considering the watch face i mentioned, that the form seems to be filled… when day 7 comes day will block updates of that specific watchface or for all my apps and watch faces??

I also received the same e-mail, but there is no missing form. There is nothing new in the data security form. If anyone has information on the subject, I’m following.


Edit: As far as I understand, a policy regarding account data deletion is updated for applications that provide the opportunity to create accounts, but I do not understand why watch faces are affected by this policy.


Same here, my App content is empty - nothing to fill out… :confused:

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I am also facing same issue. Nothing to fill or no declaration. App content is looks alright.

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Same here.
Everything is ok from Play Console, no forms to fill out. :man_shrugging:


Get the same email for all my WF.

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I also received this letter. Google employees needed to make a separation - the rules for the phone and the watch face, they put it all in one box… almost every month there are new rules that make no sense :roll_eyes:


they listed the apps that I needed to “fix” and when I went to the App Content Tab it said everything was OK?
“You’re all caught up. See completed declarations on the Actioned tab. Any policy declarations that you need to complete in the future will be shown here.”

So I just clicked the Actioned tab and redid the advertisingID declaration…now all my faces are “in review”. Really hope I didn’t F**K everything up. But yeah, I am with you man - as a single developer who has no problem saying that I don’t know much, it’s hard to swim in these waters sometimes. :grinning:


Previously i filled out the form in the data security tab saying that i did not collect any data.
However, when editing this, i checked the option saying that it collected data and then shows a box to check if there is a way to delete data.
If I declared that I did not collect data, why do they ask me to declare that there is a way to delete the data?


I also received the same e-mail with a list of all my watch faces that I “need” to review Data Safety. So as a crazy man, I took all of my apps by hand, and on Data Safety, on the first question “Does your app collect or share any of the required user data types?” I checked “Yes” and then “No” again and resend it to review. I don’t know if that was correct but without any explanation from Google… will see.


I sent an e-mail to them asking for instructions… if they dont reply until monday thats what I’ll do as well

Same here, I also received this letter…

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I would not be worried about this. First of all, these messages are most probably showing because of an error mentioned in the warning. Secondly, worst case scenario is that it wont be possible to update watch face without filling Data Safety (again) in the Policy Status.

Edit: message is showing just to inform devs to update Data Status if the did not already.

Ensure you have updated your Data safety form by December 7, 2023, to comply with this policy. If you require additional time, you can request an extension until May 31, 2024 , in Play Console.


Hi, for the watch faces we don’t need any updates because we don’t collect any data, otherwise Google has gone crazy. However, a company like Google should be ashamed of using bots to send important messages to developers.Yes, if you published a watch face without filling out the form, data security is normal, but if you have already filled out everything and declared that you do not collect data, what happens with Google?
Why do you have to send this message to everyone?

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I have been getting these notifications in the Play Console every day since Thursday. I think it’s an email Bot

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do you know what is best? I released a couple of wear os app a longgg ago… yesterday I resent the data safety form, I just resent it with no extras… they rejected because the app doesnt show a scrollbar… again, they rejected the form because the app doesnt show a scrollbar! an app that I released way before those new guidelines, that now I will have to update just because of the form hhahaha :angry:

Welcome to Google’s WearOS :face_with_thermometer:

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I also got this email today. There is a post 2 days ago in reddit with a reply from Google support: Reddit - Dive into anything