App unpublished - a bit urgent

Hi, I know this isn’t exactly the place, but I think you guys can help me, as it is pretty mutch the same with watchfaces…

I had published an app on google play some time ago, paid. Now I decided to unpublished the app, i did the following:

  • Open the app on console;
  • Advanced settings;
  • Unpublished.

I also went to Forms factor and uncheck the opt-in for wear os.

I have some users complaining that they bought the app but they cannot find it… on the console it says that “Existing users can still find it and will receive updates.”

What did a I did wrong? Should I keep the opt-in enabled? I dont want the app to be available for new purchase, but available to the users that have bought it… (phone and watch app)

I don’t know about Play Store but for Galaxy Store there is a Suspend option.

Suspension keeps the app in the store so previous buyers can still download it but it is not visible or searchable for new buyers.

Unpublish might still be the same if so then the owners can go to and see their previous purchases in their profile under library and Devices


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Thank you… I’m gonna try that…