New software

I have used this software for several years without issue. I switched phones and had to reconnect to my computer to upload the watch faces that I had created previously. I am no longer able to connect to my 2 Samsung watches. I suppose someone thought that they were making something better without ever confirming that it functioned as intended. I have gone through all of the debugging, wifi verification and such without success. Thanks to the person who messed this up.

I understand your frustration. Lets try to work through this, I’m pretty good at connections by now. It most likely is the RSA Encryption Key that is blocking your connection This went into effect in 2019 and if so you can blame the EU and US Regulations.

What watches do you have? What version of GWD do you have? Is your computer a Mac or Windows? Does your computer have a firewall? Did you try SDBoverBT?

Where does it not connect does it fail to see the watch or does it see the watch but not connect?

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