Connection problem

Hello everybody,

I am French and really bad at English I am sorry.
I’ll explain my problem in a few lines.
I have a samsung galaxy note 10+ and a galaxy watch 46mm.
I can’t link galaxy watch studio with my watch. I put the ip address of my watch, but nothing happens.

Can someone help me ?

I put my watch in activated debugging
I cut the bluethoo
I put the wifi in full mode

thank for you help.

Hi Kev
After debugging, reboot the PC and the watch , then try to reconnect.
Now the most important thing, look out for a RSA key connection confirmation on your watch, that is the tricky part as it will appear very briefly, if you do not confirm it fast enough, then it will not connect.
Good luck

In addition to what Malcolm said.
To reboot the watch you have to hold down the home key until it says rebooting. Just restarting won’t work.

Samsung Developer Program

Hello and thank you for your answers.

For Malcolm:
What should I do if I miss the RSA key?
Personally I do not remember seeing such a request appear on the screen of my watch.
For Ron:
To stop and restart my watch I use the bottom button

Hello everybody,
I managed to get a new RSA key and everything is back to normal.

Thank you for your help.