New steps in Google Store for release

The new way to upload watch faces and the companion app is even more convoluted than before.

I am not sure what I am doing wrong, but it is still in draft and just does not look correct. And of course you cannot delete the upload and start again without asking them… arg it is such a stupid system, anyway.

Does anyone have a better understanding of how we are supposed to upload the watch face and companion app now since the changes? What steps first then next, etc.

Would really appreciate some guidance.

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Im struggling with companion app only but last time I get rejected message (for WearOS package, as I dont know how companion works and Im not a developer :frowning: ), when I put the test track with Wear OS and then a day later I got approval for prod.
so its all confusing in general from last 1+ year for me when i started this WearOS.


I filled out everything as usual. This is the name…screenshots…description. 2. I went to Advanced settings and there I chose the Wear type. 3. I pressed the working version. From the top next to the button where Create issue - a little to the left I switched the track to Wear device only. And uploaded the dial there. 4. In the same place, I switched the track to Mobile devices, Tablets … And the companion loaded it there. 5. Returned to the advanced settings, added screenshots for Wear and ticked the box to become a Wear member.

I believe you’re correct. Previously, uploading a watch face did not require any internal testing one month ago. However, now, if you navigate to the advanced settings and choose Wear OS, you must submit a version for internal testing. On the other hand, if you decide to initiate a full rollout, you’ll receive a message to remove Wear OS.

See this topic for more information

There is also Play Store documentation on this recent change.

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Hello everyone.

I uploaded a new Watch Face yesterday. This has already been approved by Google today.
Now I want to upload my companion app. So far I have created an app bundle for this.
How does this work now if I want to submit the companion app later? Do I now have to upload both versions again - i.e. Watch Face and Companion App or is it just enough to submit the Companion App to Google? Do I have to deactivate Wear OS again first?

I think I’ve made the right steps now.

  1. Upload the watch face and activate Wear OS
    Release 1 (1.0.0)
  2. Wait for it to be found in the Google Play app.
  3. Upload the phone app (for phones, tablets, ect.)
  4. Create and upload a new build for the watch face
    (1 version number higher than the phone app)
    Phone app = version 2 (1.0.1)
    Watch Face = Version 3 (1.0.2)

Anyway, everything is now findable, selectable and downloadable.

Seem i have to check this option to available app in playstore right ?
And i didn’t using companion app.

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Yes, it looks like Samsung Galaxy Store for Watches the Play Store is under more scrutiny for IP infringement.

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