Why you can wait a long time for reviews

Yesterday I bought a great watch face from another developer (you don’t do it that often) and wanted to rate it after buying it.
Well that wasn’t that easy. Because: No Watch Face for Wear OS appears in my app library.

Why is that? Mhhh. Maybe because with WFS you can’t upload apps but only watch faces?
Great. Again a disadvantage compared to the competition. No rating, no better ranking.

The only way in which you can retrospectively rate the “Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 with Wear os powered by Samsung” is: You go into the purchase history and rate from there. But which customer does it? Do you have to create a tutorial here as well? Lol.

When will we actually be on an equal footing with the other developers, with whom the download, the access to the portfolio, the heart measurement, the rating system, the findability of the watch faces etc. …
is working?

It’s really great that Samsung and Google have teamed up. But can they now do something for us developers so that we are rewarded for our work? So you have absolutely no chance in the market. Except maybe developers / designers who have had their fan base for years. For them, the customers might make the effort to ask why an error message appears. “Your device is not compatible with the app”. Puke.

Almost every day I look at the watch faces of other designers for “Wear OS powered by Samsung” on Google Play. And what I see there is really a shame. Really top designs with maybe 1+ or 10+ downloads. Serious?
On the other hand are the developers who offer their watches with in-app purchases. They then have 10,000+ downloads or even more.
How long should it go on like this?


I totally agree it’s ridiculous to be honest it’s very obvious other developers using wfs have some special arrangements with both Samsung and Google. I have been pushing on social media but 70% of the time they can’t even download my watchface due to these issues. It’s been many months now and alot of users are tech savy will go to a browser other than chrome but your right on so many things.

No reviews
No chart entry
No way to view other watch faces
Can’t download incompatible device

The list goes on.

I have downloads but it’s like a full time job having to work with social media comments on how to actually download and view your watch faces on Google play store. So frustrating.