Step by step tutorial wanted for publishing on Google Playstore


is there a step by step tutorial on how to open a Google Playstore account and upload a watchface with WFS or however it works?


I heard that there is a person. He sells his experience through video. The method works. And very detailed, with all the secrets
But it’s expensive.

A lot of you guys have already released some watchfaces on Google play. So how does that process going on? Do you have a link for a detailed explanation? For Tizen a guy named Tony gave us cool YT tutorials, also about releasing WF at Samsung store. But how is the process to be done at Google? Maybe Ron can help. :wink: THX

See this topic for play console settings
See this topic for Images and such to upload
See this topic there is a YouTube video for a companion app and how to attach it.

Hope those help,

p.s. I’d never pay anyone to teach me how to upload to Play Store

Samsung Developer Relations


Thanks Ron for the links!

:wink: yes, me neither! :smile: I took DA_Watchface’s post ironically/sarcastically