Newbie questions... how to use a self-created watch face without selli

Hi all,

when i downloaded watch face studio, i didn‘t want to sell watch faces, i even didn‘t want to distribute/offer them in any store - because all i want is my unique, self-built watch face and nothing else. So i used the watch face studio to create the watchface i want.

But as far as i understood, using the „coding“ function (to create the final “app”) leads to/includes at least the publishing of the watch face…

Can „watch face studio“ only code and/or upload a watch face to one‘s own watch by forwarding for selling/distributing…?

Or is there a way to upload the created watch face to one‘s own watch without this step?

Because all i‘d like to have is my own unique watch face without the purpose of selling or distributing it - just owning it, being able to use it on a watch is enough for me.

Any ideas…?

Thanks in advance,

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there is the project - file that the WFS can work with (you save it with .wfs extension) and there is the exported (built, finalized) file, that is transferred either to the store, or to the watch directly, if you have any compatible one around.
See, there is a button “run on device” in the top right corner of WFS meant to upload the built watch face to a watch (device). It has to be connected either over Bluetooth trough your paired phone, or directly over Wi-Fi. This guide is not very thorough, but maybe it helps you figure how to connect your watch to be able to make this transfer possible.

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The biggest Issue is tracking down the correct IP address on the Watch . WFS and the Watch will only connect over WiFi as far as I know .

Russell is correct the newer Wear OS will only connect via WiFi,

Your watch and computer need to be connected to the same WiFi network. Unplug or turn off the Ethernet adaptor if you have your computer connected by Ethernet
You cannot have Firewalls or VPN enabled.
Your watch and computer need to be connected to the same WiFi network. Unplug or turn off the Ethernet adaptor if you have your computer connected by Ethernet
You cannot have Firewalls or VPN enabled.

Go to Settings
scroll down to About Watch tap on it
Scroll down to Software Info tap on it
Scroll down to Software Version tap on it 7 times and a dialog will open saying developer options enabled

Go to Settings
Allow the permissions as the watch requests them.
scroll down to Developer Options tap on it
Select ADB debugging tap on it
in those options, enable ADB debugging, and select debug over WiFi
it may take time to connect it took me about a minute before it shows the connection.
The first line will have your IP address followed by :5555 the :5555 is the port for debugging

Go to Connections and write down the IP address your router assigns to your watch.

From Watch Face Studio build your project with the wrench tool
Run on Device with the watch icon next to the wrench
It will search for your watch if it doesn’t find it. (it usually doesn’t)
add your IP address when you run on device in the + dialog and do the search again.

You Watch will pop up an permission to allow debugging or something like that select don’t ask again on this device allow.

After the restart run on device should work it will spin quite a while then say launch completed.

it is only a big pain the first time. but you always have to do the search and select IP address after every restart of WFS.

When you are done running or testing on the Watch be sure to turn ADB debugging off. it will use a lot of battery power connecting to the WiFi if you don’t.

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Ron. I have to Say I am not Bothering to BUILD my Faces these days and it sends to my watch Fine. Thank you for thexBookmarkable Tutorial. Nice one.

hi all,

thank you so much for all the input and the instructions! i didn‘t expect so many information, and it‘s gorgeous to know that it‘s possible to make it work…!

the funny thing is that i don‘t own a smart watch yet - the plan was to first do the devellopping and then acquire the watch, because a friend of mine did it the other way round and ended up with a smart watch that isn‘t compatible to the watch faces he wanted to apply.

so the next task will be getting a suitable watch :smiley:

again - thanks a lot, folks!

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I think saving a project and Building are good habits to have but I can see how it is much faster if you are making a lot of changes.

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Getting into some Bad Habits already.

One day you will have to change your Profile name . I made a few faces on another platform to find the Watch I got had a Native OS on Board and they had only just just changed on that model . Any way the point is , Save up for GW5 watch . It has WOS3 on it which WFS was developed for . But you Probably Know that .