Inability to transfer via bluetooth or wifi in Watch Face Studio

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Someone has found a solution for those who are unable to transfer their Watch Face with the “Run on device” button. From my side, I always get the same result: My watch does not appear with the ip address and if I click on the name of my phone, a window appears with the instructions to connect my watch and my phone but it does not work. I am unable to enable usb debugging on my watch …

Another question: Is there another way to transfer our Watch Face to our own watch?

Someone can help me? My Watch (Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Watch3) My Phone: Samsung S21 Ultra


@richard_garant You know, of course, that WFS is used to support the Galaxy Watch 4 and will not connect to other models?

First off Download Galaxy Watch Studio (Tizen OS) not Watch Face Studio (Wear OS)

Run on Device does install on your watch. You have to manually delete it once it is installed.

When connected by WiFi the search doesn’t start at a low IP address number but if you go to your settings and click on Connections and the WiFi networks and select it it will show you the IP address and you add that to GWS in the + when you try to run on Device.

Be sure Wifi is Always on or Bluetooth is off when running on Device.

Galaxy Watch can be installed using SDBoverBT but Galaxy Watch3 and Acitve2 are newer version of Tizen OS that isn’t supported.

Read FAQ 23

Read the Tutorial for On Device Testing

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