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I have searched and searched for a guide that shows how to transfer my design to my watch in Watch Face studio (latest version), because I get problems.

Where can I find a total dummy guide that shows everything regarding “Run on device

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You can read the following guide to know how to connect watches (Wear OS) with Watch Face Studio: Testing the Watch Face

Or follow steps below to connect:

  1. Connect watch and laptop on the same Wi-Fi network.
  2. Turn on the development mode in the watch (Settings->About watch->Software->Software version (tap 5 times on software version))
    ** After tapping 5 times on the software version, a text appears that development mode is on
  3. Turn on ADB debugging mode for the watch (Settings->Developer options->ADB debugging).
  4. Turn Debug over Wi-Fi
    **If the IP address shows in the ADB Debugging → Wi-Fi, then it is connected, it always takes a minute for the connection and says unavailable until it connects.
  5. Click the run on device button in WFS.
  6. Watch will show up for selection.
    **If watch don’t show, put the IP address (watch IP address) in the connection box.

Note: Your phone connection with the watch is not mandatory to deploy your watch face studio design to your watch.

You can learn more from this Test your watch face |Android Developers guide.
Please share your update after trying it.


I use a desktop PC that does NOT have built-in Wi-Fi. So how do I get connected?
Watch Face Studio can find my phone, but not my watch. A Popup will appear.
Se iamges

Can’t it be made much easier to get the dials onto the watch. Why are they not put on the phone and then subsequently selected to be displayed on the watch.
I think the existing method is cumbersome.


Sometimes it seems, it would be easier just to use the other hand, but what if it is already occupied?


Believe it or not many PCs don’t have wifi capability. Mine doesn’t, fortunately I had an old wifi PCI card laying around and was able to install it.

I guess it is enought if your router has wi-fi. I connect my gear S3 trough it. The desktop is on cable, the watch on wi-fi, main thing is, they are both in same net segment (only the last number in IP is different).