Newly updated themes still telling users that they need to be updated?

This is a relatively new issues for us. Just started last week.

We have themes that we updated fully less than a month ago and yet users are messaging us telling us, and showing us an error message in the Theme Store saying that the theme needs to be updated to be able to be used on their phone. But we physically can not update it any further than it is?
(for clarification the error message it is showing users tells them that WE the developer need to update it, not that the user needs to download the new update)

Has anyone else run in to this issue? I’m not even sure how to fix it or how to reassure customers it will be okay because this is so confusing and of course i cant even submit a help ticket because they never respond to anyone anymore.

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I’ll ask the store ops team to look into this.


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I received an email yesterday.
He is italian. Told me about some error.

I talked to the US Store operations team and they had no clue why this would happen.

If you can send me the theme name I can see if we can track it down further.

Samsung Developer Relations

Is it a new theme or an updated theme? I’ve seen this when I have updated a theme but the version number of my latest binary was lower than the previous. The theme gets updated in the store but the binary isn’t available.