Approved Themes Not Available

Does anybody know the time frame from when a theme is approved and when it’s available in Galaxy Themes? It has been more than 24 hours since I had 2 themes approved but they are not showing up at all in Galaxy Themes.

Usually within an hour…

Did you create both A13 and A14 theme binaries? If you just created the A14 binary and your phone is still A13 you won’t see it.

If it is an updated theme, check the version numbers in the binary list. The latest binary needs to have the highest Version number otherwise it won’t be seen in the store.

Otherwise, clear cache for the Theme Store app. Or let us know the name and we can check if we can see it.

I have an S24 and created A14 new themes. Not updates. Clearing cache didn’t help. Binary states version code 22.

The name of the themes are Simply Teal Light v4 & Simply Teal Dark v4. Appreciate your help.

They are available in the U.S. did you set them for all countries?

Screenshot_20240208_151317_Galaxy Themes

OK i think i know what it may be… for the past week, themes are being approved without the binaries having the S24 phones. Look at the binary list, it should show 234 devices. Until Samsung updates the device list you have to update the theme and manually update the device list to include the S24 phones.

I can see your themes because I am using an S22.

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Wow. That’s crazy! You’re right. S24’s are not listed.
Good catch. Thanks.

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