NFC Tags not working after Samsung device re-boot in Android 11+ OS

Hi Team,
We have an application which is using NFC tags and reads the tag data continuously even if application is closed or device is re-booted. We are using ReadEnablemode method of Android for continuously sensing the NFC Tag.

This application feature works perfectly fine on Android 9,10 Samsung devices. We tested on other manufacturer devices with Android OS version 9,10,11,12 and it is working fine in all scenarios.

But when tested on Android 11+ OS Samsung device, it did not work for us when we re-booted the device.
It did not detect the NFC tag. To make it work we have to toggle NFC setting from setting menu.

My problem is only for Samsung device with Android 11+ is rebooted, NFC tag is not sensing data after the device re-boot.

Please help with the solution here.

Device details which we tested :

  1. Samsung Tablet ActivePro
  2. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 +
  3. Samsung s-20

Thanks in Advance

If it is restricted to Samsung devices only, then you can reach the support team by creating a ticket:

You may need below information with the problem description:

  1. Reproduction route with sample app
  2. Demo video
  3. Dumpstate log