The payment system does not work in the country of China

Hello! I sold my watch faces for wear OS in China through Galaxy Store. But sales stopped and many Chinese citizens sent me letters with the problem of not being able to buy my watch faces on the Galaxy Store. They reported that after the purchase, an automatic refund of the funds occurs immediately by the payment system. Users sent screenshots confirming their words.

I wrote to Samsung support several times and received the same answer that they are aware of the problem and are conducting an investigation and will let you know when everything is resolved. And so on for six months. Now sales have completely stopped. I see that every day there are jumps of only one of my watch faces, which is free. And again a letter came from China from another disappointed user with the problem that it was impossible to buy.

I don’t understand, Samsung doesn’t need sales in China? Maybe Samung wants to give the market in China to local brands? One disappointed user from China wrote that all his friends have watches of a different brand and only he has a Samsung, and he is very disappointed that now he cannot buy watch faces for his watches, and Google Play services are blocked in China. After all, only Galaxy Store gives you the opportunity to buy wear OS watch faces in China. Can someone clarify when Samsung’s problem with payment systems will be resolved?


Have you Read this notice and registered your content?

It says that even if your app doesn’t have the internet requirements
For apps that do not meet the above conditions, obtaining a registration number is not necessary. But, other requirements must be met in order to distribute apps in China.

Samsung Developer Relations

Thanks Ron for answering me. Please help me understand the situation. I missed this message and I understand that if I do not have a registered company with a company registration number, then I will no longer be able to sell watch faces in China? I have some watch faces that were reviewed the other day and received the “for sale” status, then why were they approved?

As far as I know watch faces do not meet the requirement for registration That seems to be only for apps that require the Internet (but I may be wrong) But the notice says “other requirements must be met in order to distribute apps in China.” There is a link for that criteria and there may be the reason there.

I’ve ask the store ops team if they knew of this and they didn’t have any reports but they are not the Seller Portal team.

If your recent releases have the same issue let me know. I can dig into this deeper

Samsung Developer Relations

Hello dear Ron. I contacted some Chinese citizens and asked them to buy my latest downloaded watch face on galaxy store again. And I got the same result again. The payment goes through and is immediately automatically returned to the client and therefore no one can buy my watch faces in China. Can you help clarify this situation, which has not been resolved by Samsung for so long?