No built-in applications seen Home Screen


I have flashed the latest Tizen TV release image from onto Odroid XU4 device and it can boot to home/idle screen successfully.

However, I see only app and setting menus on home screen but nothing else.
For Tizen wearable or mobile release case, I see all those fancy apps and widget are already built-in and
these can be seen on home screen without any extra steps.

Could anyone inform me how you can have/enable various Tizen apps including Samsung App Store on Tizen TV release as in Tizen mobile release?

See this page for information on getting and installing apps

If that doesn’t help, could you provide more information as this doesn’t seem to be a Smart TV Developer question but as an end user. And the discussion should probably be in that community.

Samsung Developer Program

Hi Ron,
Thanks for your reply kindly.
I have followed especially for following section.

From the TV’s Home screen, navigate to and select APPS, and then select the Search icon in the top-right corner. Next, enter the app you want to download and select it. You will see detailed information about the app. From here, select Install.

However, I do not see anything inside APPS. Once I select APPS/All apps icon and get into APPS page, it shows only “No content” icon in the middle of black background screen but nothing else. Also there is no search or Samsung Smart Hub icon so there is not much thing you can do there.

To answer to your question, “If that doesn’t help, could you provide more information as this doesn’t seem to be a Smart TV Developer question but as an end user”

Regarding the environment,

Additionally, I also have tried TV extension emulator image 5.5.0 in following link on Tizen Emulator Manager with CPU VT enabled but I don’t see any available application icon on TV screen similarly when I run this image on Tizen emulator as real TV image release package doesn’t have it - this is the same for Windows and Ubuntu OS release.

Here is the link of emulator image I got from Samsung developer page.

From release note, what is say,
New and Changed Features
Tizen 5.5 Emulator
The platform of emulator has been updated to Tizen 5.5.
Support Youtube playback.
Web Browser is removed.
Menu is removed and specific menu features are moved to emulator control panel.*

However, I don’t see Youtube application on this emulator image at all.

So, could you help to find right team or engineer inside Samsung Developer Program team to understand why I don’t see any application on both Samsung Tizen binary image release package and emulator image release?