No icon for step comp even on the latest WFS version

I have encountered this issue for a while, I recently upgraded to the latest v1.4.2 but the problem persists.

I have attached a link to show you how it looks.

This was reported earlier and I reported it to the Samsung Health Development team.

The icon was optional so they didn’t include it but they will with the next update of Samsung Health. I expect that this summer.

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi @r.liechty_SDP, do you have any update on when this issue will be resolved? I’m currently experiencing the same problem: I’ve got a circle complication in my watch face, and when I push it to my Galaxy Watch 6 and then select the Steps complication on the watch, it shows the green shoe icon in the preview but not when I save the selection.

Has the next update of Samsung Health not been released yet?

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I am only able to get the word steps using text and title circle complication.