No more financial/settlement report emails

I haven’t received any financial or settlement report emails from the Seller Portal since early December. Is that expected? Was there a deliberate change made?

As far as I can determine there were no changes
Can you go to Accounting > Financial report tab?
If you cannot find a report there, you can open a Seller store enquiry (Seller Store Assistance Tab, My Questions, 1:1 Enquiry
Or you can open a tech support request and give your seller portal account ID, we will request an investigation with the seller portal developer support liaison.

Ron Liechty
Samsung Developer Program

I should have been clearer in my initial message, I do see the reports in the portal, just don’t get any emails about them being generated any more (but I do get other emails from the portal, for example, when an application has passed)

The seller office said if there wasn’t any sales their isn’t any report sent out. It may also be your mail was spam filtered did you check the spam mailbox?

Samsung Developer Program

I didn’t get emails last month for my two accounts either, had to go and download them from the portal. Not a big deal for me but just confirming I saw the same thing :slight_smile:

I did get a Financial Report email this morning again…