Financial Report Problem


I think that my financial report is wrong. I can’t send a question in the seller portal → Help → My Question. This link goes to

How can I send my financial problem to support? Thanks.

Cem Erman

HI Cem,

Yes the link is broken you can use this direct link for the 1:1 Enquiry

Samsung Developer Relations

Hi Ron,

When I click the 1:1ENQUIRY link There is an error message. You can see the message in the screenshot. I tried it open the link in a new tab but there’s an error again. The blank page comes. When I select Samsung Galaxy Store as service there is an error like 3rd screenshot


Sorry Erm,

Sorry, I gave you the wrong link it is THIS LINK


No problem but there are the same errors in the link you sent me

And that link isn’t working either. I’ll get back to you when I have the correct direct link.

Samsung Developer Relations

Use this link

If a popup comes up ignore it and the Galaxy Store report will show. Fill in the best you can


I wrote detailed instructions in this thread Seller Portal 1:1 Enquiry Link


Thanks, Ron but the same problems. The links are not working.

Financial reports are always wrong when you don’t get enough sales :slight_smile:

Yes, you are right :joy: but I see the sale on the statistics report but They are not on the financial reports and there are other problems

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FYI, my financial report only shows sales up to 5/22 with only one on 5/24, even though I know I had a lot of sales on 5/23 and 5/24. And it includes sales from March, April and May due to a delay in whan Samsung collects payments.

So the financial report is not very good for tracking sales due to the lag in settlements. I have verified in the past that it’s accurate, and only use it now to see if I get canceled payments.

Thank you so much for your interest. I had a problem before and when I sent the reports they solved my problem. Now I can’t reach them via the help channel. The help link is not working. I think I have to wait for their accounting.

I had no problem after I dismissed the anti spam pop up.
I missed a step I’ll update my instructions
You need to click on the Galaxy Store box then click on the 1:1 Enquiry

Try opening a new incognito browser window and use that. There may be something cached because of the bad links.

Samsung Developer Relations

Yes, I did and I didn’t see pop up.

The things I’ve done;

Step 1: clicked 1:1 ENQUIRY → There is a pop-up message " Service not selected. Please select service "

Step 2: clicked Samsung Galaxy Store Service → There is an error message " Request Entity Too Large. The requested resource /csseller/faq/ does not allow request data with POST requests, or the amount of data provided in the request exceeds the capacity limit. "

Step 3: Clicked contact up link → There is a pop-up message " Service not selected. Please select service "

Step 4: Clicked my question link → The below page comes. It is not a pop-up, it is a new page


Yes I could duplicate this the same as you. This should have been fixed immediately, this work around is not optimal.

For others. You need to use the link to the FAQ select the Samsung Galaxy Store so that box is highlighted and then select the 1:1 Enquiry Link. Do not click on my questions.