Samsung Blockchain Stuck on failed transaction on note 10+, cant use my other left coin without finishing failed transaction

I was using older version of Samsung blockchain wallet wich used to work perfectly fine and for whatever reason i decided to update to new version, then I tried to send 0.001 BTC as a test to my other wallet address.
My transaction stays unconfirmed like forever, in says some kind of script error in input and output meanwhile in my Samsung wallet stays on "Sending " status and my wallet says I can not do any other transaction before this transaction is finished. Please help i cant access my coin or send it anywhere, it feels stuck.

Hello @albes,

We are very sorry to hear about your issue. The Samsung Developer forum is for primarily for discussing developement tools and SDKs showcased on the Samsung Developer site.
For consumer queries like this, you will be able to find better support through the Samsung Members app or the Samsung User Community.

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